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Thursday, October 23, 2008

They Just Call Me "Lazarus" (Part of a Note to an LDS Friend)

Over the years, I've wondered and wondered about why my life has been preserved so many times.
In addition to past health issues, which should have ended my life at several points in my life (each time I was restored to good health), there have been many other near death experiences.
These include several attempts on my life, one of which I believe was a mafia contract in Indiana that later was retracted.
At the tender age of fourteen in Hagerstown, Maryland, I witnessed my first violent death, a gruesome immolation (fire) suicide by a neighbor.
I also was almost killed a number of times in car accidents, but walked away from every one without hardly a scratch.
Then there also was the time I was in the midst of ghetto racial violence in a Southern city, but, unbeknownst to me at the time, several gang members miraculously interceded to protect me.
In 1996, my home was destroyed by fire, and so on and so forth.
The list goes on and on, and I continue to wonder why my life has been so blessed and protected, especially when so many other, much more righteous people, have their lives end in such pain and suffering.
Of course, I realize that it is not how long we live or even what happens to us in this life that is important.
It is how we deal with and grow from adversity that is the measure of our eternal progression and happiness.
Still, why have I been healed and so protected from so much adversity throughout my life?
In my 1969 Patriarchal Blessing, I was told and promised many (conditional) things, among which was that my "Guardian Angel has charge over (me)", and that "He has watched over (me)..., removed many barriers from (my) way, stumbling blocks from (my) path, and preserved (my) life for a purpose...".
As the years go by, I begin now to see part, but not all, of that purpose, although I can't help but wonder about the rest of my story and how this chapter will end.


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