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Sunday, October 05, 2008

More on "Warring Thoughts"

In my LDS (The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints) faith, as I understand it, we are required to be obedient to secular political powers, and cannot use our church membership as an excuse to opt out of military service as "conscientious objectors".
Further, the LDS Church does not make any political candidate or political party endorsements, and we do not allow our churches to be used for political purposes, not even to be political polling places.
Nevertheless, we do strongly encourage all LDS members to be anxiously engaged in the civic and poetical activities of their choice. (Former Republican Governor Mitt Romney is LDS, but so is the U.S. Democrat Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid)
And so it is, when a nation goes to war, the individual soldiers are not held responsible by us for the orders they are given to go to war, although individual decisions which go beyond legitimate orders are very much subject to personal accountability (such as the attrocities committed in Vietnam and elsewhere by individuals).
Those who declare war are ultimately held accountable by the arbiter of all, Our Father in Heaven.
In the instance of the individual choice of abortion, we are taught that this is acceptable only in the case of rape, incest, and extreme danger to the health of the Mother.
However, even then, such decisions are not taken lightly, and these mothers always are encouraged to make this decision with much pondering and personal prayer.
Of course, in the instance of rape and incest, these are special circumstances, because the pregnancy did not result from the free will of the victim.
However, many still have opted to bear the child anyway, either opting to raise the child or place the child in adoption with a another family.
Even in the case of a child who is pre-diagnosed to be born with disabilities, we do not countenance abortion.
We also believe that Jesus Christ is the actual and literal head of our Faith, and that our Prophet is an actual Prophet of God, just as the prophets in the Old Testament of the Bible.
We believe that LDS Church doctrine is not a product of man's ruminations, but truly results from direct and continuing scriptural revelation from God, through His Living Prophet, who has been called by God.
We also believe that each individual has a divinely mandated responsibility to continue to call upon God in personal and heartfelt prayer, in order that they may better understand their relationship with Him and seek His counsel regarding what is personally best for them.
And so it goes with "Man's Search for Happiness".


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