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Sunday, October 19, 2008

Powerful Tears

Earlier today, during our LDS Church Sacrament (worship) services, Sister Kethley shared some incredible counsel as well as her personal testimony, strengthened by her own trials and tribulations.
She apologized for her tears, but those tears were brought forth by the palpable presence of the Holy Ghost.
We all felt it, and we were grateful to share our tears with hers.
Many years ago, Vice President Hubert Humphrey frequently observed that, "A man without tears is a man without heart.".
His political philosophy was and is not mine, but he surely knew about having heart.

Personal Postscript (11/4/08): Sister Kethley's comments about all the times her family has been forced to move, prompted me to realize, for the first time, that I moved eleven times during the ten years that I lived in Indiana.


Blogger Curtis said...

I gave a lesson in Priesthood on Sunday and the topic was on Testimonies and the lesson was based on the talk given by Elder Oaks from May Conference. It is amazing how the Holy Ghost can confirm truth when people are giving pure testimonies - How they KNOW that Christ is the Head of the church and if we let him atone for our sins - That they KNOW the church was restored by the Lord through Joseph Smith. I love when I can be present to here those testimonies all to often in Testimony meeting is nothing more than a "Thank-timony"

By the way very interesting Blog look forward to check back!!

4:02 PM  

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