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Monday, December 21, 2009

Insurance Insecurities

Setting aside (for the moment) increasing our taxes, expanding our federal debt, further endangering our fragile economy, increasing the cost of insurance to those who already have coverage, and making our health care system even worse; here is a big concern of mine about the mandatory health care behemoth that is perhaps soon to be enacted by Congress and signed into law by the President:

*The requirement that every American have health care insurance and the lack of their choice regarding the federally mandated "basic" health care coverage. Our working poor are called "the working poor" because that's exactly what they are - working, but poor. Many of them are eligible for employer subsidized health care insurance coverage through their employers now, but don't buy it because their portion of that insurance payment would have to come from their rent or from the grocery money that puts food in their children's mouths. Even with a generous federal subsidy, the requirement to purchase health insurance will break the financial backs of many of these desperate folks. I wonder how many in Congress truly understand what it's like to be poor in America.

Other issues which would greatly improve and reduce the cost of this pending health care mandate, but have been tossed aside in the legislative dumpster are:
*Allow the importation of cheaper health care drugs from Canada.
*Reform Medical Malpractice law.
*Allow health insurance coverage to compete across state lines.
*Remove health insurance companies' exemption from Anti-Trust Law.

The wag who pointed out that drunken congressmen are more irresponsible than drunken sailors hit upon a sober truth.


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