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Tuesday, July 05, 2005

"Desert Pete" by Billy Edd Wheeler

(Originally shared with me many years ago by David Heatwole in Cumberland, Maryland, and originally popularized in a song by the Kingston Trio)

"I was travelin' West, a buckskin, on my way to a cattle run,
Cross a little cactus desert, under the hot blisterin' sun;
I was thirsty down to my toenails; thought I'd rest me on a stump,
But I tell ya, I just couldn't believe it when I saw that water pump.

I took it to be a mirage at first (it'll fool a thirsty man!);
But then I saw a note stuck in a bakin' powder can.
"This pump is old", the note began, "but she works, so give her a try.
I put a new sucker washer in 'er; ya may find the leather dry."

"You've got to prime the pump, you must have faith, and believe.
You've got to give of yourself, 'fore you're worthy to receive.
Drink all the water you can hold, wash your face, cool your feet;
Leave the bottle full for others. Thank ya kindly." --- Desert Pete

"Yeh, you'll have to prime the pump. Work that handle like there's a fire.
Under that rock you'll find some water I left in a bitters jar.
Now there's just enough to prime it with, so don'cha go drinkin' first;
Just pour it in, and pump like mad, and buddy, you'll quench yer thirst."

Well, I found that jar, and I'll tell ya, nothin' ever was purtier to my eyes;
An' I was tempted strong to drink it, 'cause that pump looked mighty dry.
But the note went on, "have faith my friend, there's water down below;
You'll have to give until ya get. I'm the one who ought to know."

So I poured in the jar, an' I started to pump, an' I heard a beautiful sound,
Of water, bubblin' an' splashin', up outta that hole in the ground.
So I took off my shoes, an' I drunk my fill of that cool, refreshin' treat;
An' I thank the Lord, an' I thank the pump, an' I thank ol' Desert Pete!

See also in Bible - John 4: 10, 2 Kings 5: 10-14, Numbers 21: 7-9, John 1: 39 & John 3: 14, and in the Book of Mormon - Helaman 8: 14, and 1 Nephi 17: 41.

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