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Saturday, August 27, 2005


Early this morning, as I pondered and prayed about many things while studying the word of God, the words of the Pre-Columbian American Prophet Alma seemed to leap into my heart and mind from the pages of the Book of Mormon.
Alma the Elder, although previously called as one of God's Priests, became, by his own admission, a wicked man, who nonetheless changed his ways and repented of his sins.
Upon Alma's repentance, God reminded him that, "as often as my people repent will I forgive them their trespasses against me" (The Book of Mormon, Mosiah Chapter 26, verse 30).
His son, Alma the Younger, albeit knowing better and to the haggard heartache of his father, then also "became a very" (Mosiah Chapter 27, verse 8).
Nevertheless, he too repented and received much inspiration and many blessings.
An angel of the Lord even told him that his father "...has prayed with much faith concerning thee..." and further assured him that this was done in accordance with God's Plan of Happiness, "that the prayers of his (God's) servants might be answered according to their faith." (Mosiah Chapter 27, verse 14)
Even so, none of this came easily to either of the Almas, and Alma the Younger went on to confess the his "soul was racked with eternal torment" prior to his repentance and forgiveness. (Mosiah Chapter 27, verse 29).
Just as a Latter-day Prophet, Spencer W. Kimball, previously pleaded with all of us, there are miracles all around us every day and more miracles waiting to be bestowed upon us, but first our "faith must precede the miracle", as we must humble ourselves in sincere prayer, not to demand blessings from God, but to ask Him what He would have us know and do with our lives.
Thus has it also been for me, notwithstanding all of my myriad own imperfections and weaknesses.
Therein follows the miracles.


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