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Saturday, August 20, 2005

Patriarchal Promises

As the children of Abraham and Jacob also prized the blessings of the Patriarchs, so also do members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS Church) value and seek after their own personal Patriarchal blessings.
Administered only after baptism and a further personal worthiness interview, Latter-day Saints today are privileged to have one of God's specially ordained Patriarchs pronounce a blessing upon their heads, which includes both promises and counsel for the rest of their lives.
These supernal blessings are administered, following much fasting and prayer, and then preserved in a written copy for the member's reference and use throughout the rest of his or her life.
Although this is an extremely personal and sacred topic for me, while serving at the Washington, D.C. Temple this morning, I felt strongly moved to share just a few excerpts with you from my own Patriarchal Blessing as follows:
"...Hold sacred the covenants you enter into for the eye of the Lord is upon you and your Guardian Angel has charge concerning you. He has watched over you thus far, removed many barriers from your way, stumbling blocks from your path, and has preserved your life for a purpose. For this purpose you are chosen to labor in the interest of improvement among your associates. For this purpose, a decree has gone forth and you will (rest of sentence redacted by me, since there is much yet to come)."
" will gain prestige and you will develop the ability of leadership that will be noted among your people...."
"...I bless you that your mind may be keen and alert, retentive of the things you study..."
"...I bless you that you may have health and strength, vigor of body and mind, that your faculties may be preserved to serve you faithfully so that you can live an active and useful life to the end of your days...for the Lord is pleased with your integrity and if you follow in His ways you will never lack for those things essential to your well-being..."
"...Learn patience that you may be able to withstand adversities..."
"...This blessing I seal upon you in accordance with your worthiness, by the authority of the Holy Melchizedek Priesthood in me vested, and in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, Amen."
There's obviously more, much more, but it just is too intensely personal to divulge more, especially in this forum.
It was at age 21 that I received this blessing, when I was an incredibly shy and backward college student, freshly converted to the LDS faith.
Since then, much has happened to and for me in my life (more than my words can express), and the resultant blessings have been so bountiful that I scare can take it all in.
For more about how such a Providential approbation and guidepost can be manifested personally to you, as well as the answers about the purpose of life, call 1-800-438-7557.


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