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Friday, September 02, 2005

What about Tomorrow?

"...we know not how soon."
These words by the American Prophet Alma in 82 B.C. (The Book of Mormon, Alma Chapter 13, verse 25) were about the birth of Jesus Christ, but, as I watched the news reports this morning of the crisis in New Orleans, I was reminded anew of how fragile is the fabric of our lives, and the repeated warnings we have been given to prepare ourselves; for "these are the times that try our souls" (Thomas Paine).
The aftermath of Hurricane Katrina has left fires, devastation, disease, rapes, starvation, panic, and widespread looting; with even police officers and firefighters being attacked.
A Fox News reporter compared today's worsening condition of the City of New Orleans to that of a "third world country".
The New Orleans Chief of Police reported that some of his officers have turned in their badges and resigned, telling him that it just isn't worth it to risk their lives and to be shot in the back.
While efforts are mobilized to rush help and protection to these desperate folks, the rest of our country is reeling from the meteoric
rise in gasoline prices from the loss of Gulf State oil refineries; adding to our previous problems at the pump, which have steadily worsened.
Even though we were given a wake-up call with the 1974 Oil Crisis, since then we have become even more dependent on foreign oil, have failed to build any additional oil refineries for the last twenty years, and even have gone on personal spending sprees to purchase more and more gas guzzling family trucks, vans, and SUV's.
Members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS Church) have repeatedly been counseled and warned by our leaders to
prepare and gird ourselves for these times, that we may be able to better provide for our families and to help our friends and neighbors.
Not too long ago, a member of the D.C. Temple Presidency pleaded with the saints in this area to come to the Temple as often as possible, prophesying that there will come a time when we just will not be able to get to the Temple.
The tragedies of today may only be a harbinger of tomorrow's trials.
Now is the time to prepare for tomorrow.


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