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Saturday, April 15, 2006

Thoughts on Easter Eve (A "redacted" letter to my children)

Dear David & Sarah,
Earlier this week, while at "Sam's Club', a special offering on sugar-cured and spiral cut ham caught my eye.
The sample was especially delicious, and so I bought a ham for my parents to enjoy as part of their Easter dinner.
My generosity was returned in kind when Mom invited me over for Easter dinner, although she is constrained to have it early at 11:00 AM, since I must leave shortly thereafter for Church services (1:00 PM - 4:00 PM; with Sacrament from 1:00PM- 2:10 PM, and our other worship meetings following thereafter).
Also, I have been asked to teach my fellow High Priests during the Priesthood Session from 3:15PM - 4:00 PM on the topic of "Understanding Death & Resurrection", a weighty and most profound topic, but also one wherein I have had more personal experience than some....
Did I tell you that a friend and former coworker of mine gave me a 55 gallon aquarium?
I'm looking forward to getting it set up and good to go, and returning to the avocation I enjoyed so much that I began when I was not even yet a teen-ager, and still living at home with Mom & Dad at 432 North Prospect Street in Hagerstown, Maryland.
First, however, I am searching for a suitable stand or table to raise it up from the floor of my bedroom.
The rest will follow in time.
Yesterday, I wandered through the little pet store near the "Warm Springs Eatery" in the Berkeley Plaza Shopping Center, in Martinsburg, West Virginia, mostly just looking for some ideas regarding plants, fish, and other accessories.
Nevertheless, I don't think I'll purchase anything there.
It's a odiferous little hole in the wall of a shop, and I worry that the fish and plants would bring other, much less welcome visitors with them (although a few snails always are a welcome addition to any proper aquarium).
It pleased me, however, to find Amy Coles (daughter of old friend and Priesthood Brother David Coles) working at the store.
Seeing her there was much like finding a luminescent pearl within a slimey old oyster.
It has been many years since I've seen Amy, and it was a nice surprise to see her once again....
Also, Mom & Dad (Nanny & Pappy) are doing well.
Dad had a really good 79th birthday celebration last Wednesday (April 12th, 2006), and they also got some very good news from their tax accountant when they filed their 2005 tax return this past week...
I hope and pray that all is well with both of you.
Don't bite the ears and backsides off from your chocolate Easter Bunnies. It makes them hard of hearing, and also makes their butts hurt.


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