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Saturday, September 16, 2006

Lessons Learned Along the Way

Much earlier this morning, while reading and pondering the words of the Old Testament Prophet Jeremiah, my mind once again was taken back to revisit many of the past experiences in my life.
It is true that some caring friends and associates have expressed sympathy to me about many of the the "trials" which they believe that I have previously endured in my life, but they also usually fail to understand the blessings which only were made possible for me from the tide of those events.
Admittedly, as a much younger man, I would have preferred that my life to have been as comfortable and free of challenges as possible, but, now having had the benefits and blessings from life's "School of Hard Knocks", I now have come to cherish the perspicacity of those lessons learned from those adverse circumstances.
That price that I have paid to become acquainted with God and to receive the ministry of Angels (both Heavenly and Earthly) has been a privilege for me to pay.
Because of becoming intimately acquainted with Him in my extremities, I have been richly blessed with absolute faith in the Loving Providence and Supernal Wisdom of Our Father in Heaven.
I wouldn't have it any other way.
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