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Saturday, May 05, 2007

"Raisin" Memories

At the adult session of Stake Conference in Hagerstown, Maryland tonight, XXXXXX ... reminded me of the "Raisin" episode with her family, so many years ago.
Her sister had just gotten her driver's license, and she was driving me and the rest of her large family in their humongous station wagon, going to their home at the conclusion of morning Priesthood/Sunday School services.
At the insistence of her Mom, I was riding in the front seat, right next to her (Her Mom was not at all subtle about her desire for me to court her daughter).
Bored, I reached over and stuck a raisin up (her) nose.
I still chuckle at the memory of her frantically trying to continue to drive while also struggling (in vain) to extract the raisin from her nose.
She, of course, was less than pleased with me, but the rest of her family and I thought it was great fun.


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