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Saturday, October 31, 2009

The Neo-Lumpenproletariat

There continues to be those who make unsupported and vicious allegations about "hatemongers", who they shrilly claim "spread misinformation, but also incredible lies".
Wouldn't the quality of our political understanding and discourse be so much better if folks of every political persuasion stopped accusing those with contrary views of being "evilmongers", thus fanning even more rabid hatred and intolerance?
Even better, wouldn't it truly be wonderful if folks read, viewed, and otherwise studied political discourse from sources other than just those that appealed to their personal political biases?
As just one example, a person who reads a wide spectrum of news source and political discourse magazines such as the "National Review" (Conservative), "Reason" (Libertarian), and "The Progressive" (Liberal) has a much richer understanding and appreciation of our nation's current events than anyone who becomes a victim of the Neo-Lumpenproletariat mindset.


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