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Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Gunga Din

Received from David "Navy Dave" Woods :


In the various channels of life I've trodden, I guess the terns government, military,  academic, & civic cover my record in fewest words.

In the military in general and the navy in particular, we use the phrase "an officer and a gentleman"  to  apply to certain select members we choose to honor for their role in life.

While I'm uncertain of the exact status of some of your prior work, so while "officer" may not apply specifically --  from the many other, & particularly  more recent aspects of your life, I can testify that "gentleman" clearly applies.  

In point of fact, I envy you the judgment, courtesy, tact, & knack of choosing the right expressions to discuss the latest incident in your latter-day (note: pun intended) political career.*


 It is a tribute to your strongly held principles that you have, are, & will act as you have always done since I met you...

... I cannot conceive of anyone I've ever know speaking as thoughtfully & apparently truthfully as you did in describing the results of the last primary & indeed the local election itself that followed.


 As Kipling's  old story goes: "You're a better man than I am, Gunga Din."

Navy Dave

* See the "Buying Green Bananas" entry at for the "National Review" magazine article  and Delegate Kump's  personal legislative news & views. 


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