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Thursday, March 02, 2017

A Letter to a Friend, about the Importance & Power of Patriarchal Blessings


Your recent email regarding your Mom Doris' untimely death was both spiritually and emotionally powerful. It moved me in many ways.

In particular, your mention of both of your parents' Patriarchal Blessings caused me deep reflection about my own Patriarchal Blessing and the events of my life so far.

For example, as we are encouraged to study and learn from the Scriptures, reading and prayerfully pondering them over and over again throughout our lives, we continue to learn and strive to put their eternal principles into effect within our own life.

So it also is that our Patriarchal Blessings are Scripture, written only for us.

When I received my own Patriarchal Blessing on November 29th, 1969, I was deeply awed, but did not understand most of it at the time.

Over the many years since then , my prayerful and frequent study of it has revealed many more things to me and I have been so blessed, as I struggled to apply those understandings to my circumstances of the moment.

One personal example is that my blessing assures me that my Guardian Angel will preserve and extend my life, for purposes known to God, and this truly has been so.

Further, a Patriarchal promise also was made to me that I always would have the material things necessary for life, and this also has been so, even as I often struggled along the way.

Neither of those two blessings came without personal heartaches and wrestlings on my part, but their promise was sure.

And so, just as our minds are enlightened as we continue to prayerfully ponder the Scriptures and strive to learn more from frequent and prayerful Temple participation, so it also is that we are blessed by frequent and prayerful pondering of our Patriarchal Blessing.

There even is one portion of my Patriarchal Blessing that has been mostly (if not completely) fulfilled, but of which my understanding still is not complete.

There is yet another portion which has been fulfilled, I think, but in a way that continues to somewhat perplex me.

Accordingly, as I continue to pray and ponder about the personal scripture of my own Patriarchal Blessing, more understanding and ability is given to me. This happens line upon line and precept upon precept, just as we receive all of our other blessings and understandings from God in our lives.

It only was recently, for instance, that I realized that the absence of one topic in my Patriarchal Blessing was purposeful, and omitted by Our Father in Heaven in order to shield my heart.

Thank you ever so much for reminding and strengthening me in all of this.

Yours in the Gospel,


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