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Friday, April 15, 2005

For Love of "Mary"

John 20:9-16 is a Bible scripture with an especial place in my heart, even though I never could find the words to describe those supernal emotions...until now.
This morning, while reading "The Work & the Glory (Pillar of Light)" by Gerald N. Lund, a historical novel about "one man's remarkable vision" and "one family's desperate struggle", the author described those same tender feelings through two of his characters in the book, who experienced similar feelings upon reading that very same Bible passage:
"At that moment tears welled up and spilled over, tracing glistening tears down his mother's cheeks. She stopped, then took a breath, fighting for control. Nathan felt his own eyes suddenly burning.
'Jesus saith unto her,....Mary'
And there it was. A single word, and in one blinding, glorious instant; grief was turned to joy, shock and horror to exaltation. For the first time, Nathan had the tiniest glimmer of how Jesus must have spoken Mary's name-the tone of his voice, the depths of his love, the expression on his face.
His mother had stopped and now wept openly, too moved to continue. He slid over and took the book gently from her.
'Let me go on, Mother.'
She nodded, brushing at her cheeks, smiling at him through the tears.
'I'm sorry. I just love that part so much.'
....He swallowed and continued on.
And suddenly they were no longer words on the paper for him either....."
And so it continues to go throughout this page turner..
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