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Sunday, October 09, 2005

Memories from my Youth in Hagerstown, MD

The announcement in Church this morning of the Martinsburg, WV Stake (regional) Conference on Sunday, October 30th at the Maryland Theater in Hagerstown, Maryland (10:00 AM) brought back lots of teenage memories.
When I was a teenager, my next door neighbor and best friend Ray Geyer (the one who introduced me to the Church) used to spend a lot of time with me, going to the movies at the Maryland Theater.
Back then, the movie theater was the only place in town with air-conditioning (none of us had it in our homes), and we went to the afternoon matinees, mostly just to escape the Summer heat (and also my pollen alllergies).
I have a particularly vivid memory of Ray and me sitting in the balcony, throwing "Good & Plenty" licorice candy at the patrons on the main floor.
I also remember that the "Good & Plenty" candy box also worked as a particulary fine whistle if you blew through the end of the empty box.
There were three theaters in downtown Hagerstown at that time and the Maryland was the cheapest at 75 cents, and they also always had double features.
The other two theaters, the "Colonial" and the "Henry's" are long gone now, but the Maryland has been restored and still survives, albeit now with different community and cultural programming.


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