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Wednesday, November 09, 2005

A Fascinating Read

Intrigued and concerned about some of the underlying precepts and conflicts inherent in Psychotherapy that I have observed in my criminal justice career, secondary employment as a sexual offenders group therapist, and my experiences as a Church Elder, the resolution and clarification of these conflicting concepts was and is an important professional and personal issue for me.
Accordingly, "Turning Freud Upside Down" (Gospel Perspectives on Psychotherapy's Fundamental Problems), edited by Aaron P. Jackson, Lane Fisher, and Doris Dant (Brigham Young University Press) is a fascinating and insightful read.
The book provides a clearly articulated and focused matrix, wherein both religious and professional beliefs (and approaches) are reconciled and put to a much more effective application.
In Aaron Jackson's masterful summation and concluding chapter, he analyzes four paradoxes commonly faced by psychotherapists, which he then reveals as false dilemmas and assumptions.
He also points out that "most counselors know that something very important and powerful goes on in counseling, but they find traditional explanations of it rather inadequate.".


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