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Thursday, December 29, 2005

A Truly Special Message from an Unexpected Source

One of my inmates on my prison caseload gave me a belated Christmas card and note this morning.
He is serving 75 years for sexual child abuse, not eligible for any programming, and really struggling to understand and deal with his emotional disorder.
In part, his message read:
"...I truly appreciate all your kind words and prayers as we have talked privately..the honesty in your words and wisdom..along with your stories and jokes, have enriched me greatly..."

Postscript from Larry:
This is in response to the comment posted by LDS Bishop John Cline (click on "comments" below to read)-
All of us perceive others through the lenses of our own perspectives and values.
What John sees in me is much more of a reflection of his own innate goodness than of any special qualities that I can claim.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Your comments reminded me of a Primary song, "Love is Spoken Here".
I often wonder if more people were like you: willing to share, willing to care, and willing to listen; if we then would have need to keep building prisons.
You may never know all the people whose life you have touched.
May you continue to be blessed in the coming new year.
Bishop John Cline
Cumberland, Maryland

10:43 AM  

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