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Sunday, January 08, 2006

A Soul Satisfying Confirmation from a Special Saint


This is pretty neat. I have been wanting to e-mail you since last evening.....And I really wanted to surprise you with the news that I went back to church...but I am sure you were just as surprised when (XXXX) told you. It was --well it felt so good to be there today, and (my daughter) expressed the same.
I want to thank you especially.
This is a really long overdue thank you...and it encompasses many things, so bear with me.
First I want to thank you for ALWAYS faithfully including me and my family in your personal prayers and adding our names to the Temple prayer roll.
"Thank you" seems so small, but please know I AM appreciative.
I imagine your prayers are a large reason for my return.
Thank you, Larry.
You are a good friend.
I was reading your "True Stuff that I Made Up" last night, and thoroughly enjoying it.
I was sharing some of it with (my daughter) and I told her I really needed to get in touch with you.
I so rarely have time to get on the computer, unless it is some work-related task. So I don't write back much.....and I was going to call you around 7:00 PM, but I was afraid you may had already retired for the evening.
I am so touched that you thought enough of me to get me a copy of your Blog Journal.
I am not sure how I rate....but again, thank you.
It made me feel pretty special that you thought enough of me to share this with me.
I will treasure it always, and no doubt derive wisdom and knowledge from many of the excerpts.
You are so strong in the gospel, and your thoughts are reminders to me to keep striving.
I am sooooooooo happy you included April 25, 2005. That particular e-mail you sent to me, at the time, and even now, speaks to my heart.
Your words gave me hope, and I have felt hopeless for so long.
And Larry, between you and me, I am scared....scared of how Satan will pursue me. Scared I won't be strong enough...scared I'll fail...but at least I finally feel hope and feel like I want to be there...and that I am where I should be and that, yes, God loves me.
I have felt so discouraged, so unworthy, and so completely ...what is the IS Hopeless.....As if I ruined my whole life, and yes -there are parts of my life and things I SWEAR to you I wish with all my heart, mind and strength I could erase, or do over....I know I can't, but now I just want to try...try to do the best I can do with whatever time I have alloted here on Earth...
And (XXXXX) was right, people were so nice to us. (My daughter) even commented on this.
At times, we have felt so out of place, and so judged.
We did not today.
I only felt warmth and love, and acceptance...and now I am crying...what a mess I am.
Thank you---you are the only person who has stayed in touch, I mean really tried, and really helped me.
I thank you for that....and you, who have suffered and had more trials than any other person I know, have been so willing to reach out to me and Heaven knows how many others....Thank you.
I have to go, and please ignore my terrible grammatical errors and run-on sentences...I was just typing as fast as my thoughts would come to me....
God bless you Larry!


dated 1/8/06 3:55:22 PM Eastern Standard Time, writes:
(XXXXXXXX) told me that, when he attempted to say hello to you this morning at Church, the throng of admirers and well-wishers all around you blocked him from getting to you.

Clarifying Note: This person lives in a different area and attends a different LDS Ward (congregation).


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