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Sunday, February 19, 2006

Looking Back, with Gratitude & Awe

It was in 1981, twenty-five years ago, that I was diagnosed with terminal cancer, but inexplicably snatched from death via an incredible Priesthood blessing that was administered by two of my LDS Priesthood brethren and friends, Tom Meranda and Jim Utterback.
Since then, I have experienced many other trials and tribulations, all of which have increased my understanding and appreciation of the purpose of God's Plan of Happiness (See previous weblog entries: "Remembering Debbie & LeeAnn", 12/11/05; "A Providential Prompting & Protection", 11/19/05; "I Remember", 11/16/05; "They Just Call Me Lazarus", 10/23/05; etc.).
Nevertheless, it was thirty-seven years ago (February 22, 1969), that I was given my most profound and eternal blessing, which has been and continues to be such a marvelous work and a wonder in my life.
That was when I was baptized and confirmed a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (See "Best Buddies" weblog entry for my personal conversion story).
Of all the decisions I ever have made throughout my life, none has had more profound and eternal consequences, and none has brought me more personal happiness and peace of mind.
(More information on the LDS Church is available at or 1-800-438-7557)


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