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Thursday, February 23, 2006

Morning Thoughts...

The following is excerpts from and amendments to a much longer personal disclosure:
... As you already may have gleaned, I am a man of strong opinions (opinionated, even bullheaded), and I have to constantly work on my listening skills.
Even worse, sometimes (far too often) I just am unaware of how what I believe are just my plain statements of fact and issues are insensitive to the feelings, perceptions, and even the agendas of others; often causing my motives to be misunderstood.
In the personality color code matrix where blue is emotional sensitivity, red is authoritarian, yellow is fun, and white is the need for peace; I balance almost equally with red and blue as my dominant colors.
This often sends messages to others which they see as contradictory, and often it confuses me that what is so clear to me is not so clear to them.
Some only see one side (color) of me, but then are confused and even upset when they experience the other.
I'm told that it's an uniquely Aquarian trait...
...Also, over the years I have gotten a testimony that God's promises and challenges for us are not just an ideal that can't really be reached, but that He always is true to His word, and blesses us in remarkable and often unexpected ways.
He only asks us to seek out His counsel through personal prayer and Scripture study, but also to demonstrate some faith in Him by our own actions.
Also, for me, my regular LDS Temple attendance (not to be confused with Sunday Church attendance) literally has opened up the windows of Heaven.
Sometimes others ask me how I've been able to endure some of my experiences or, conversely, why I have been so blessed.
Both questions confuse me, because I know that I'm just an ordinary man, who has been extraordinarily blessed, and simply because I just have taken God at His word.
It's just that simple, and anyone can have the same blessings.
I'm certainly not the best example of a stalwart Latter-day Saint, not by any means, but I am so eternally grateful for the restored Gospel; and my precious membership and Priesthood in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.


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