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Sunday, February 12, 2006

So Now You Know (Part II, Part I - 10/28/05)

(I sent this, now amended and redacted, to an old LDS friend, who had responded to my previous wee hours of the morning weblog posting)
With, whither, or all makes me sometimes wonder.
That recent dream has caused me to wonder a little bit more.
Curiouser and curiouser, or so it seems to me.
There's a reason that my life has been preserved so many times, but I'm sure that I don't even begin to comprehend more than perhaps just a hint of it.
Even though I very much would like to remarry and enjoy the partnership and enduring love of an eternal companion, that train already may have left my station too many times to return yet again.
I haven't been dating, and there simply is not any intention or desire on my part to relocate, not even in this area.
The truth is that most LDS single women to whom I am attracted (none in this immediate area) also do not want to leave their homes and hearths either, so there you have it.
Other than that, I go to Church, to work as a prison case manager, and I spend a fair amount of time as a public employee independent union activist (which also involves a good deal of time working with legislators, especially this time of year).
It's true: That dream got me to wondering anew, but I'm not likely to do anything much about it.
Also, I really can't imagine anyone who would be able to endure me and my curmudgeon ways for very long.
That's just reality, and I'm not complaining.
My life already has been blessed in so many ways that I can scarce take it all in.


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