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Thursday, July 20, 2006

In Search of Uncle Wiggily (please note the postscript)

Can you help me recover a precious childhood toy?
As a very young lad, the children's board game, "Uncle Wiggily", provided hours of fun for me.
I have some very special memories of my beloved maternal grandfather (Lawrence David Steinbach) taking time to sit down and play this game with me.
In point of fact, his nickname for me was "Skeezick", one of the characters in the game.
Alas, this game no longer is available for retail purchase, and my childhood copy has long since been worn out and discarded.
I very much would like to obtain another.

July 21st, 2006 Postscript: Wow! Within moments after I made this plea, a multitude of good folks offered to donate their Uncle Wiggily games to me. The first and almost immediate responder was my friend Marlo Barnhart. Then, the next morning, to my utter surprise and wonder, I discovered that some secret Samaritan, in the wee hours of the preceding night, had stealthily set a pristine original game at my front door. Thank you so much, everyone.


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