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Friday, September 08, 2006

Previously Sent to an LDS Friend

The weather was wonderful, and the crowds at theme parks always are minimal on Memorial Day, July 4th, and Labor Day.
Such was the case for us on our Labor Day outing.
It was a wonderful day and I had a good time, even though I wasn't completely recovered from cold/flu, and started to lose steam early in the afternoon.
The love of my coworker friends in making this day possible particularly buoyed me up.
However, in response to your question about comparing this day with a day at the Temple, I cheerfully confess that there's just no comparison with the satisfaction I receive from doing proxy work for those who have waited so long to be released from Spirit Prison.
Below is my message to the coworkers who made this day possible for me.

To Roy and Suzy: Thank you so much for allowing me to tag along with you to Hershey Park in Pennsylvania. I especially enjoyed the "gay lemonade ride" at the end of the day with Roy ;).
To Denise: Thank you for calling my bluff and grubstaking me for this outing. You surprised and outmanuevered me. Touche'!
Even though I probably shouldn't have gone anywhere until my cold/flu was completely cleared up and I quickly lost stamina early in the afternoon, it was well worth it, and the day will be one of my special memories.
The congestion, fever, bodyaches, and nausea now have returned in force, so it's back to bed right now for me.


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