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Sunday, November 05, 2006

Thoughts on a Sunday Morning

Today is the first Sunday of the month, which, we in my LDS faith, designate as "Fast Sunday".
That's when we fast for 24 hours (no food or liquids), also donating generously from our personal family budgets to help the poor & needy (none of our Church leaders receive any salary, so all of our Church donations go directly to where they are needed and intended).
We also intensify our personal prayers to draw closer to God as we fast.
Further, during our worship services on Fast Sundays, we are encouraged to individually stand and bear our personal testimonies of our faith in Christ to the rest of the congregation.
On other Sundays, there are assigned speakers from the congregation.
I've been fasting since 12:25 PM yesterday, because I'm attending LDS Church Services in another Ward (congregation) this morning, and plan on breaking my fast when I arrive back home early this afternoon.
My usual Ward (congregation) meets at 1:00 PM on Sunday afternoon, and , once a year, we switch meeting times with the other Ward, who shares our same LDS Meetinghouse (Chapel).
From time to time, not just on the first Sunday of the month, Latter-day Saints are encouraged to fast & pray about issues of importance to us and our families, and we're counseled to always pray about specific issues, especially when we are fasting.
And, so it is for me today.
Like anyone else in this sad world, I need all the help and counseling from God that I can get.


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