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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Sent to a Friend about "Family Home Evenings"

My Monday night habits must seem strange, even peculiar to you, I suppose.
Monday is the one day of the week that I shut out the rest of the world, and focus on better things.
It's like a vacation for me.
Our LDS Faith designates Monday nights as "Family Home Evening Night", when we all are strongly encouraged to spend time together as a family and not be distracted by other folks or activities.
In this way, LDS families at least have one night a week wherein they all eat together and spend time with each other, without other folks and other activities and commitments pulling us in different directions.
Some (like me) won't even let the telephone distract us, and I set my outgoing voice mail to tell callers that it will not record incoming messages on Mondays, so that I don't have to follow up with anything or anybody when I drag myself home from work at the prison.
My children are grown now and my wife is long gone, but I still enjoy the productive peace and quiet of at least one night a week without nonfamily folks or something else intruding upon me.


Anonymous A Catholic Coworker Friend said...

I understand perfectly about "Family Nite".
When my kids still were home (30 & 34) and my husband was working weird shifts, he always would get UP at 5:30 PM every nite and we would have a family dinner, and NOTHING would interupt -- not phone calls or ANYTHING else!
And, do you know, my kids STILL mention "family nite" and how much they loved it and looked forward to it. ;)

10:19 AM  

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