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Friday, June 19, 2009

Sanctum Sanctorum (Pass on to your Friends)

Although sincere, fervent, and private prayer is possible, regardless of our locations or circumstances, my special place of spiritual communion and communication is the Washington, D.C. Temple (The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints or "LDS" Church).
In that Holy House, just prior to, during, and after completing sacred ordinances; my heart and soul is most receptive to spiritual counsel.
Our Father in Heaven attempts to counsel and help us every day, but the tumult of our workaday and other distractions far too often make it difficult for us to perceive that "still, small voice" of the Holy Ghost, His messenger of truth and wisdom, who replies to our every prayer and plea.
And so it is, after completing an endowment session, and as I sit in the Temple cafeteria to grab a quick bite, my attention always is drawn to a painting on the cafeteria wall, which gives me further pause to ponder.
The painting portrays Our Savior, Jesus Christ, on a hillside by a lake, teaching God's Eternal Plan of Happiness.
On the lake, in the distance, is a sailboat.
That sailboat and the people in it makes me wonder:
How many of us are that close to the truth, but, concerned and consumed with other issues and prejudices, let it pass us by?
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