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Friday, December 24, 2004

More About Great Grand "Maw" Seylar

In a previous entry ("...The Meaning Of P{ie}..."), and thanks to my cousin Norma J. Horst, Maw Seylar's recipe for mince meat pie was shared.
Norma also tells me that Maw sometimes put on a Halloween mask and warned her children that the boogeyman would get them if they didn't behave properly.
Today, my Dad, Willis "Woody" Kump, reminded me of another story about Maw from his childhood. (Maw is his maternal Grandmother)
He remembers that she used to keep a lard can full of hard, clear candy, shaped like animals, as treats for the children.
At Christmastime, she would somehow get the children distracted and looking elsewhere, while she threw a handful of candy into the air.
When the candy fell to the ground, she told them that it was Christmas candy, magically sent from Santa to them.
Dad confessed that he believed her, until one day he caught her throwing the candy.


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