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Sunday, December 12, 2004

More Surgery (Just for the Joy of It)

Yep, more carving, but this time it's elective (more or less) surgery on January 21st at Sacred Heart Hospital near Cumberland, MD.
Now that I'm well (still goofy, but nonetheless well), I decided to go ahead with reconstructive surgery on a congenital airway defect that partially blocks my breathing (at the base of my tongue).
The surgery only will take 60-90 minutes, but I'll have to stay overnight at the hospital (for postoperative observation) and then be home from work about 10 days.
The surgeon, Dr. Steven Coutras, recommended this operation way back in 2000, but other issues have taken precedence until now.
Maybe this will make me less of a gasbag? (Wouldn't that be a blessing?)
My friend Dave A. reminded me that, in a previous and recent Priesthood blessing, I was promised that my "tongue would be loosened".
At the time of the blessing, this surgery was not in my thoughts, but now I wonder if the world is ready for more of me.
Inquiring minds want to know.

Addendum: 7 January 2005 - After the diagnosis (two separate medical opinions by ENT surgeons) for the need for reconstructive surgery on my airway, I asked for and received another Priesthood blessing in preparation for the forthcoming surgery on January 21st. Then, in my presurgical examination this morning, a thoroughly bemused and befuddled Dr. Coutras was pleased to tell me that my condition has been healed, and that it no longer is necessary for me to have surgery.


Anonymous deannafun said...

That's what you call literally a miracle, Larry.

4:04 PM  

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