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Thursday, August 17, 2006

The Wealth of Friendship

Prison coworker and Maryland Classified Employees Association (MCEA) stalwart Roy Gilleo recently asked me if I ever take any personal time out just to have fun.
When I was unable to come up with any examples, he then invited me to join him and Suzy Imes for a day of just silly fun at Hershey Park, Pennsylvania (perhaps on Labor Day?).
Later that day, coworker and MCEA loyalist Denise Gelsinger, upon learning of Roy's and Suzy's invitation to me, dubiously asked me if I really was going to actually accept their invitation.
I replied that I hadn't made a final decision, and she asked, "Why not?".
I mumbled something vague in reply to her, and said something to the effect that there were far more urgent priorities that needed my attention just now.
Without a moment's hesitation, Denise then immediately got out her purse; ponying up cash for the purchase of my ticket and even my meals for a day at the theme park, telling me that it just wouldn't be polite for me to refuse her gift.
Nonplussed, I protested that her largess wasn't at all necessary.
She nonetheless persisted and insisted, pointing out that it only was a partial payment and sincere thank you for my efforts through MCEA on behalf of workplace job justice for her and all of our coworkers (with the added bonus of really annoying our supervisors).
Truly, I am a rich man.


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