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Saturday, July 14, 2007

All about me (redacted email to a friend from '86)

I'm still curious as to how you stumbled across my blog...
Although much of my personal history is included in my blog ( and I would suggest that you scroll down to to the two photo entries near the very bottom (beginning) of the blog, I'll give you a brief snapshot of what's been going on with me since way back when (in 1986), when I was living in Indianapolis, Indiana, serving as the Executive Director of the Indiana State Employees Association (since 1978, having relocated there from Cumberland, MD; at the suggestion of my first wife, who didn't like living in the Western Maryland mountains).
Our independent state employee advocacy organization in Indiana got swallowed up by the AFL-CIO in the late 80's, but I continued to fight for our autonomy (within the AFL-CIO), which was not at all well received.
They worked hard with our local leadership (Board of Directors) and finally got a plurality of votes to send me packing in February of 1989.
My Dad was ill at the time, and my folks wanted me closer to home, so I accepted their invitation to move in with them in the Eastern Panhandle of WV (10 miles North of Martinsburg, WV and 10 miles South of Hagerstown, MD) while I searched for another job.
I worked various short-term jobs until I reluctantly accepted a position as Correctional Case Manager with the Maryland Division of Corrections at Roxbury Correctional Institution in January, 1991.
I did that just to "come in out of the rain", and thought I only would be doing that job for several months or so until I found something better.
Nathless, I'm still in prison, very active in the independent employee union (Maryland Classified Employees Association), still fighting the AFL-CIO on issues which I believe are essential to employee liberty and job justice, and likely to remain at this job post; at least for a little while longer, while I reconsider the rest of my future.
Also in 1991, I purchased a 3 acre, heavily wooded lot from my Dad (he practically gave it to me), which is a couple miles down the road from my parents, and put a used mobile home on it.
My home burned to the ground on October 31st, 1986 (Happy Halloween), and I thereafter rebuilt a "stick-built" home on the same site.
Having remarried in 2001 to a wonderful lady of my faith, I began to add a home office, 3 more bedrooms, and a master bath to my home for her and her three children. (I lived with her in her home while this was being done)
However, in 2002, cancer struck me down again for the first time since 1981.
As previously in 1981, it was diagnosed as terminal, albeit, this time it was my kidney.
She (my beloved wife) ...divorced me on June 16th, 2003.
I've had multiple surgeries, chemotherapy, and Priesthood blessings since then.
(I'm still an active and devout member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints).
To the doctors' astonishment and the chagrin of many others, I'm still here, working, and kicking.
Meanwhile, my Dad and Mom still survive, albeit he now is on Home Hospice.
My son David and daughter Sarah now are grown and living in their own homes in Hanover, PA.


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