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Monday, December 15, 2008

Musings to My Children

Dear David & Sarah,
After sleeping through most of Sunday and being mostly bedridden since last Tuesday (except for going out to a legislative forum meeting on Saturday, which probably much delayed my recovery), my health seems finally to have mostly rebounded - at least, I'm feeling much more like my own curmudgeon, vinegar filled self.
Although still a little tired, I'm stepping out today to take care of a huge backlog of errands.
It was much more than just a nasty cold, but not exactly the flu either.
In any case, others have reported similar symptoms, but mostly with their children(?).
Does that mean I'm childish or merely childlike?
Does that mean that I should go back to riding on the short bus? (If so, I promise to diligently wear my helmet, and not to lick the windows).
Late Sunday night, while in bed and musing, the realization came to me that both of my children now are older than I was (at age 30) when I was diagnosed with terminal cancer the first time and given a future lifespan prognosis of six months or less.
Since then, there have been multiple encounters with Zippy the Surgeon (with more to soon come), many prayers on my behalf, and powerful Priesthood Blessings, under the hands of my LDS Priesthood Brethren.
All in all, it is difficult for me to fathom that thirty years have passed, and seemingly so quickly.
On Saturday night, I dreamed that I was looking at my reflection in the bathroom mirror, and surprised to see that my countenance was that of a slim young man, about twenty, with dark blonde hair, blue eyes and a scattering of freckles. It was then that I realized that the reflection actually was that of my adopted son David, when he was a younger man, and who has been a choice blessing in my life.
Then, a few days ago, I saw a television ad for the "Clapper" light switch, and chuckled when I remembered my darling little daughter Sarah scrambling up the stairs in my home in Indianapolis (Ravenswood) and anxiously clapping her little hands to turn on the sound sensitive stairwell lights, to protect herself from the imagined monsters in the darkness.
That memory also gave me a grin to also remember her perception and memories of the "goat boy" in the painting of "Christ and the Children" above her bed.
I also am grateful that my friend and LDS Brother, Maryland Delegate Rick Weldon went out of his way to give my former coworker and friend Royden "Goober" Gilleo some good counsel on how to obtain quicker resolution on federal assistance for someone especially dear to him and suffering from a Bipolar affliction.
And so time passes, and so it goes.



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