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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Remembering Bert

Many years ago, after confessing seriously inappropriate behavior to my local Ward Bishopric (LDS Church Leaders), my disfellowshipment thereafter was made known to my fellow Priesthood Brethren, as was the practice at that time.
I was mortified and deeply discouraged, and this became even worse for me when these brethren thereafter avoided me.
In point of fact, their embarassment for me and discomforture with my circumstances caused them to almost stampede out of my presence.
That is, all except one brother, Bert, who I knew only slightly at the time.
Immediately after our church meetings, he purposely strode over to me, as I forlornly sat in the church meetinghouse foyer, and offered his sincere sympathy for and support to me.
In all my life, never have I been so grateful for the loving kindness of another.
Since then, I long since have returned to full church fellowship as well as my Priesthood responsibilities, but I always will be grateful to and will never forget Bert.


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