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Saturday, May 30, 2015

About the Book of Mormon

 Your recent testimony during the Hedgesville, West Virginia High Priests' Group meeting, about the importance of and the personal and family blessings that come from the daily prayerful study of the Book of Mormon was and is a huge deal for me.
 Although frequent personal prayer and daily study of the Bible and other Scriptures long has been my habit (I've even read the Book of Mormon, cover to cover, over fifty times since my youthful convert baptism), I was not reaping the fullness of blessings, that are provided by the daily and prayerful study of the Book of Mormon.
 Notwithstanding numerous appeals from all of our Prophets (especially Ezra Taft Benson) to read the Book of Mormon daily, my study of the other Scriptures and the "Liahona", "BYU Studies", and "Religious Educator" magazines often caused me to neglect the amount of attention I needed to give to the Book of Mormon.
 Your personal testimony called me to repentance, and, since then, I have been diligently striving to at least read one chapter from the Book of Mormon every day, in addition to my other Scripture studies.
 The blessings were immediate and profound.
 Thank you ever so much!


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