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Saturday, January 23, 2010

A Lesson from a Frog

Two little frogs were on their merry way to the big frog hoe-down. While they were traveling along the rutted road, they slipped and fell into one of those deep ruts.
After exerting all of his strength, the bigger of the two frogs was able to jump out of the rut; but, try as he might, the smaller frog just wasn't strong enough to escape.
Finally, the little frog told his friend to go to the hoe-down without him... and he did.

However, hours later, his froggy friend was amazed to see the very tired little frog walk into the frog dance hall.

"How did you manage to get out of that rut?", he asked.

The little frog simply replied: "A truck came along. I had to!".

And so it goes for each of us........


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