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Saturday, November 24, 2007

Fasting for Lee Ann

A long time ago, shortly after I was baptized and was living as a college student in that tiny apartment on Maple Street, I thought that I was in love, perhaps as only can be experienced as a young college swain.
Lee Ann Allen also was an LDS student at Frostburg State College (a Theater Major, I think), and was far away from her home in the West.
She and I were grateful to the Farr family for rides to Church, and she stole my heart in a way that would have put Jesse James and his gang of outlaws to shame.
To my dismay, she was disdainful of me, and even told me once that she thought my testimony of the restored gospel of Christ was superficial.
Determined to exercise my faith and to win her love, the principles of fasting and prayer seemed to me to be the answer to the unrequited desires of my heart.
And so I decided to pray and to fast until she returned my love, believing that God surely would grant my earnest prayer, soften her heart toward me, and bring us together to fulfill our eternal destinies.
However, it was on my third day of fasting, weak and hardly able to get up and move about, that I heard a distinct and stern voice tell me, "Stop this foolishness! Get up and eat now!".
It was then that I learned more about the principles of individual agency, the need to be much more concerned about the consequences of my choices than the choices of others, and to listen ever so much more intently to God's answers to my prayers.


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