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Monday, January 07, 2008

Sent to LDS Curriculum Development (as requested)

Words cannot begin to express my gratitude to you and Our Father in Heaven for "Teachings of the Presidents of the Church: Joseph Smith".
My previous presumption was that I was well informed about the history and teachings of Joseph Smith, but I was in great error.
After only having studied the first few pages of this supernal Priesthood/Relief Society manual, the wealth of information therein gleaned truly has been a marvelous work and a wonder to me.
Years ago, I wrote to you in gratitude about the current and improved format of Priesthood/Relief Society manuals, that is so much more "user-friendly" and inviting to read and ponder than previous instructional books.
Under this current format, each year's new manual is eagerly awaited and devoured by me, but this year's (and next year's) Joseph Smith manual is the best one ever.
The only suggestion I have is that the brethren and sisters be repeatedly reminded to not neglect the manual's introduction, with particular emphasis to "Do not set this book aside or prepare lessons from other materials. Dedicate a significant portion of the lesson to reading Joseph Smith's teachings in this book and discussing their meaning and application.".
Moreover, since "each chapter contains more than you will be able to teach (or learn) in one lesson", I also would suggest that the brethren and sisters be frequently reminded of their personal responsibiities of reading and studying each chapter in its entirity, as well as using it as an ongoing discussion and teaching aide with their families, including during Family Home Evenings.
Thank you.

Larry D. Kump, High Priest
Antietam Ward (In Hagerstown, MD)
Martinsburg, WV Stake


Blogger Dan and Wendy said...

I'm so excited to finally get to study Joseph Smith in priesthood. I'm looking forward to the nuggets of insight and inspiration that will come fro the next two year's study.


2:20 PM  

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