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Tuesday, June 03, 2008

From MCEA to Governor O'Malley

Dear Governor O'Malley,
The Maryland Classified Employees Association (MCEA) thanks you for the May 27th appointment of MCEA Leader Larry D. Kump to the "Task Force to Study Prison Violence in Maryland".
Mr. Kump continues to serve MCEA and correctional employees as a whole, through this status as Chapter President of the MCEA Public Safety Non-Custody Employees Chapter and a member of the MCEA Board of Directors as Western Maryland Regional (Area IV) Governor. He has, however, recently applied for early retirement from his position as Correctional Case Management Specialist at Roxbury Correctional Institution, after over seventeen years of dedicated service.
We remain, however, confident that Mr. Kump's extensive experience in Maryland prison administration with both correctional employees and inmates, his skill and background in conflict
resolution, and his tireless advocacy for good governance will be a tremendous asset, and MCEA continues to support his appointment to the Task Force.
Yours for goood governance,
Marilyn Miller, MCEA President


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