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Wednesday, June 03, 2009

A Letter to My Daughter, Sarah Daniels

Sarah ( A.K.A. Sadie-Belle),
In a blessing administered to me a couple of weeks ago, under the hands of my fellow Priesthood Brethren (John Duff and David Smith), many things were revealed to me.
This blessing included much more than vague adumbrations.
In it and among other things, I also was told that Our Father in Heaven has decreed that my appointed time here on Earth is not yet completed.
The blessing continued on to adjure me that my life has and will continue to be preserved by His Providence, albeit for an unspecified time and for purposes still not yet fully known to me.
And so it was this week that, despite recent contrary indicators, the surgeon discovered no current evidence of additional eruptions of the previous cancers, although additional follow-up oncological procedures and monitoring will continue.
Thank you so much for your personal prayers, as well as those from others, on my behalf.
A tremendous thank you also goes out to all of the medical practitioners who have and who somehow continue to keep me patched together and functioning, notwithstanding previously contrary prognoses (since 1981).
Most of all, however, I thank Our Father in Heaven, who apparently is not yet done with me in the here and now.



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