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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

A Chaplain on Islam

As a retired military Chaplain let me say an "amen" to Mr. Kump's remarks about Islam. One of the fine lines of distinction that I was always concerned about was precisely the point made here (see previous entries).

In matters of faith the primary call to the believer is to know his or her faith and to incorporate that faith into his or her life.

The primary focus of our faith should lie in ourselves, not in rushing to condemn others, who may not hold the same belief set that we do.

A tricky proposition at best.

And yet, if one really studies the history of o ur country and asks the question, "What caused many of our ancestors to leave their old homeland, family, and friends and undertake a risky journey across many a stormy sea?", you will find in a surprisingly large number of cases the answer was "Religious Intolerance."

Grace and Peace.


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