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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

The Islamic Issue

Having previously studied Islam and their Quran, I wonder and worry about those who so maliciously malign all those of that faith.

We should take great care to avoid conflating the Islamic faith of approximately 1.5 billion people with the twisted agenda of some revolutionary extremists, who pervert and subvert that faith into their raison d'etre.

While not Christian, most Muslims also are God fearing and sincere in their beliefs. Defaming their faith plays into the very hands of terrorist evil-doers.

After  all, how would we react if Christianity was judged on the basis of David Koresh's child abuse or the Reverend Jim Jones' kool-aid drinkers?

Postscript: The purpose of this entry solely was to caution against stereotyping any group of people. I did not make any distinctions regarding the validity of the various sects of the Islamic (or any other) faith, nor was it my purpose to suggest any weakening of support for American Excellence (as embodied by our Constitution) or our national interests. Furthermore, this entry made absolutely no suggestions regarding our Middle Eastern foreign policy.

Note: See other entries on this issue.


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