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Sunday, June 18, 2006

Thank You, Kimberly!!!

Today, on Father's Day, Sister Kim Farrow, a loving wife and expectant young Mother, spoke to us in our LDS Ward (congregation) Sacrament (worship) meeting.
The self-chosen title of her remarks was: "In Celebration of Manhood!".
From her first few supportive and sympathetic sentences, it was manifestly obvious that she is a remarkable lady, whose inspired gaze pierces through the otherwise strident and shrill voices of those whose shameful sophistry seeks to confuse and devalue God's Plan of Happiness for all of His children.
She spoke so tenderly and lovingly of all the great and good men in her life, and how they have brought so many blessings and wonderful experiences to her.
Words cannot begin to express the sublime and supernal strength and sensitivity of her incredible counsel to all of us (husbands and wives, children and parents).
.....and so I won't even try, except to say that you should have been there.

Postscript: A recent email from a coworker friend reminded me anew of how Latter-day Saints are given additional blessings by the absence of a paid clergy in our Church, thus providing us with a multitude of opportunities to speak, teach, and administer within the Kingdom of God here on Earth. As Joseph Smith once explained, We are taught correct principles, and then govern ourselves.


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