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Wednesday, May 06, 2009

About Relationships, to a Darla Glessner

Your comment about your sister Kara's and her husband's loving marriage of eleven years touched my heart, and reminded me about Brother and Sister Hill in the Martinsburg, WV Ward (I recently relocated to the Hedgesville, WV Ward).
I hadn't seen them in about 18 years or so, when I heard Sister Hill stand and share her testimony in Sacrament Meeting.
She said then that when she knelt at the Temple altar to be married, she looked across at the man she loved more than life itself.
Her testimony that day burrowed into my heart and remained there.
Recently, I encountered them anew in the Martinsburg, WV Meetinghouse, and told each of them separately of how much Sister Hill's previous testimony impressed me.
Sister Hill then immediately told me that her husband is the most handsome man in the world.
Afterwards, when I told Brother Hill about Sister Hill's comments about him to me, Paul blushed and simply said that he's ever so grateful for his wife's poor eyesight.


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