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Wednesday, May 05, 2010

A Hero's Love Story

"Colonel Thomas L. Kane and the Mormons, 1846-1883" (BYU Studies, Volume 48, Number 4, 2009, is a riveting read.
Although not a Latter-day Saint (LDS), Colonel Kane sacrificed much of his life for the protection of LDS liberty.
Also tucked away within the pages of this publication is the heartwarming and lifelong love story of Tom and his wife Bessie, who also was Tom's second cousin.
As a young man in his twenties, Tom had decided to remain single for all of his life.
A small and sickly man (5'4" in height and only 110 pounds in weight), Tom nevertheless had the heart of a hero.
Bessie first met Tom when she only was four years old, while he was visiting her Father.
Tom gave Bessie a china doll, and immediately won her young heart.
At age twelve, Bessie publicly declared that she intended to marry Tom.
At just three weeks shy of her seventeenth birthday, Bessie finally persuaded Tom to make her his wife, when he was thirty-one.
Neither of them ever regretted their marriage, and they endured many hardships together, remaining loving and steadfast companions during their entire marriage.
At the time of their marriage, Bessie's Dad remarked that she was young to marry, but he also observed that she couldn't have made a better choice in a husband.
Another recommended read about Thomas Kane is "Liberty to the Downtrodden", Yale University Press, 2009.


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