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Friday, May 30, 2008

From Governor Ehrlich

Regarding your recent e-mails concerning your Dad, there is no doubt your pride in his service will long outlive your grief.

The Honorable Robert L. Ehrlich, Jr.

Monday, May 19, 2008

In Response to Ron Smith & MCEA

Thank you so much.
When Dad first learned several years ago that his condition was terminal, I was prompted to pray that his remaining days be eased and that, when he passed, it would be quickly.
Since then, he suffered absolutely no pain whatsoever, and, when he passed, it was in the blink of an eye.
He's busy now and happier than ever before.
Of that, I have no doubt.
Larry, I wanted to give you time to deal with your Dad's passing before I contacted you. I just wanted to say that I am deeply sorry for your loss and send my deepest regards to you and your family. I have included you in my prayers everyday in hopes it will speed the healing, and I want you to know that all staff at MCEA (Maryland Classified Employees Association) Area 4 office have felt your pain. I know that with your deep religious beliefs you will be able to move forward and prevail.

Friday, May 16, 2008

From a "Grateful Nation"

Since the recent and sudden death of my beloved Father, Willis "Woody" Kump, on Monday, May 12th, it has been a stressful week.
Even so, knowing God's "Plan of Happiness" for all of us, I felt reasonably prepared and fortified to deal with this loss to my family, and especially my Mother, his wife of sixty-one years.
The memorial services yesterday in Greencastle, Pennsylvania went well enough, and, this morning, there was a military interment of his ashes at the Veterans' Cemetery in Indiantown Gap, Pennsylvania.
It was then that a young naval officer, knelt in his dress blues before my grief-stricken Mother, and presented the American flag to her in thanks from a "grateful nation".
That's when my heart almost burst from both pride and grief.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

To Donna Dively (about my Dad)

Thank you so much for your kind thoughts and true doctrine.
All of my immediate family, with the exception of my children, are not members, and this is a terrible and terrifying time for them.
It is a happy irony for me that they have asked me to officiate at the services today and tomorrow on behalf of my Dad.
How blessed we are to have been led to the Restored Gospel of Jesus Christ.
Knowing what we know makes everything else in life and the choices we make so clear and straightforward.
Even so, it seems so strange to me to now be our family's Patriarch.
Please pass on my love to all in your family and the members up in your part of the world.

cc: Darla
Dear Larry,
I am so sad to hear of your Dad's passing. Isn't the gospel wonderful. It is so full of hope and promise. I really don't know how people get through the death of a loved one with out it. It is at a time like this that I feel the veil is very thin and the spirit testifies to us of the life beyond giving us comfort. I look forward to the day when I will be reunited with those I love.

I am thinking about you.
Love Donna

More Reflections On My Dad (Sent to a Friend)

I am ok, and Mom is doing somewhat better than previously..
My brother, sister, and others in our family also are struggling to come to terms with their grief over this temporary loss of our family Patriarch.
It helps that I am officiating at and conducting the memorial service today at 2:00 PM in Greencastle, PA (Bowersox Funeral Home), and again at the burial tomorrow morning at the military ceremony and internment of his ashes at the Military Burial at the Veterans' Cemetery North of Harrisburg., PA.
There will be another obit article this morning in the Hagerstown newspaper ( The one published yesterday had a typo under Dad's photo.
I also made an entry or two at

I'm the only one in my family with the knowledge and absolute faith in where we came from, why we're here, and what comes next.
More about this is available for you at 1-800-438-7557 or at

That makes all the difference for me, because I know where Dad is now, and what he is doing.
He's good hands, and is happy.

Monday, May 12, 2008

My Dad

My Dad, Willis "Woody" Kump, quietly and painlessly passed on this afternoon to the next stage of his eternal journey.
Please include my grieving Mom, Betty Ann Steinbach Kump, in your personal and family prayers.
They were married for 61 years, and she sorely misses him.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

An Unexpected Reminder from "Iron Man"

The "Iron Man" movie was a fun adventure flick, but the unexpected love story made it even better.
From the beginning, the leading man and lady had an obvious trusting and symbiotic relationship, but it was not until well into the movie that their unspoken love for each other became more and more obvious.
Children love their parents, and parents love their children, but neither is man whole without the woman nor the woman whole without the man in all things that really matter, both here and hereafter.
We also are taught that eternal truth in the sacred Temples of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

Friday, May 02, 2008

From Megan Gelsinger, My 11 Year Old Friend

Dear Goofy,
Wow! I didn't know you went to Wayside school. That's awsome. Louis Sachar is my favorite author, and ya know I actually believe you and the cootie problem (ha ha ha ha). Well, I will tell you one thing after you get done Sideway stories from Wayside school. The next book is Wayside school is falling down, and then the last one I think is Wayside school gets a little stranger. Well type back and one question was Wayside school in Hagerstown 30 stories high?

You know who - Megan Gelsinger!

-------------- Original message --------------

From: Larry D. Kump
Sent: Wednesday, April 30, 2008
To: Megan Gelsinger

Thank you so much for "Sideways Stories from Wayside School".
It means a lot to me that you thought of me and took the time and
effort to give me that present, and also to write the inscription to me on its inside cover.
After I finish reading it, I will put it on my display shelf, where I
keep my special treasures in my home office.
Did you know that I went to first and second grade at Wayside School in Hagerstown (on Wayside Street)?
It was torn down many years ago, probably because it was infested with the cooties that I brought to school from home.
Your friend,